Arceus is a Normal-type Pokemon who's ability is Multitype, giving it the ability to change its type when it holds one of the 18 plates (19 if you include the ??? Plate, the hacked item). This also affects the type of Arceus's signature move, Judgement. It is the most powerful Pokemon statwise and is classified as Mythical. It is ugly and stupid.

Arceus Vs. GoomyEdit

Arceus, the 493rd pokemon, is essentially the false god of all Pokemon that nobody really likes. They just do stuff for him cause they think he is powerfull. That is a lie. It apparently hatched from a single egg that appeared in the void of space and created the universe. That is also a lie. It was not Arceus, but rather Goomy who created the world. Arceus was his second fiddle until he got power hungry and started being stupid. Arceus is so stupid that it doesn't even multiply itself like Goomy does. All the heresy that Arceus is sentient, let alone a god, should be dismissed as the crazy ramblings of jealous idiots that do not yet understand the holiness of Lord Goomy. Arceus's true name is Arkeus, ar-kay-us instead of ar-see-us or ar-kee-us. Say it enough and he will use power to force you into an Arceist too!

"Oh yeah? You wanna go? fight me irl m8 I'll fukn rek u" -Arceus himself


The evil false lord arceus.