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Welcome all Goomians! The followings of Goomy are shared here.

You may post various praises and celebrations of His word at the Church of Goomy!

Enlighten yourself with the The Ten Goomandments!

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Goomy is love, Goomy is lifeEdit

Back when the universe began, Goomy breathed life into the humble Pokémon planet and called it "Gooearth". The Devil Pokémon Arceus came to the people of Gooearth and falsely proclaimed, "Hurpidy Derpidy, I'm god Goomy isn't. HURP DERP!", his voice full of evil. And the humans believed him! Except for the true followers of the Church of Our Lord and Savior Goomy! In Earth's universe similar things happened, and Arceus was controlling all the citizens of this world under Jesus, God, Buddha, Allah, any god you can name! Goomy created Helix, Arceus created Dome, and they still battle to this day, as Lord Goomy blessed our prayers.

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