A sprite of our savior's favourite servant.


A Mudkip who serves Lord Goomy so faithfully that it has taken on the form of the Lord.

Mudkip is a famous pokemon that serves our savoir Goomy, not the false lord Arceus like most Pokémon.

Mudkip's Faith and StoryEdit

Mudkip's faith is unbreakable. He would sacrifice himself for Goomy any day. Once, Goomy waging ia great war, doing battle against every single Pokémon (except Mudkip), and He was about to be struck by every single one of his opponents, which would have majorly injured Our Lord. But valiant Mudkip intercepted the blow. In all the Pokemon's collective surprise, Goomy is always kind enough to bring all his fellow Mudkips back to earth and revived his faithful subject with powers because of his great deed. And that is why is Goomy's favourite servant (plus it is cute).